2 oz - $15

  • Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil,
    Sea Buckthorn Oil,
    Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Hand Crafted with Organic Ingredients
  • Chemical Free
  • Fragrances Free
  • Cruelty Free

Normal/Combonation Skin Formula

Oily Skin Formula

Dry / Sensitive Skin Formula

​Oil Cleansing Method: This works on all skin types even dry, mature & acne-prone skin.  Follows the steps for clear pores and a moisturized glow. 

If you haven’t tried this method of cleaning yet- you’re going to love it!  You can oil cleanse every time you wash your face or mix it into your personal skin regiment. There are a few options within the steps below.  The key to this method is to remove all of the oil at the end- the steps in between can be tailored to your preferences.  Play around with it! 


1.  Begin with a dirty face - even a face with makeup.  You can dampen your face with warm water, or start with dry    skin.   

2. Pour a full + dropper of oil onto your fingertips and massage the oil onto your face for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  You cannot massage too long, the longer you rub, the more you break down the oils and dirt on your face.

3. Steaming options:

      a. Jump into a hot shower and allow the steam to loosen the dirt- at the end of your shower, run the warm water over your face.

      b. Run your faucet to hot and get a washcloth nice and steamy.  Place the warm cloth over your face and steam for 30 seconds.  (The downside to this method is more laundry!)

      c. Run the faucet to hot and cup warm water in your hands.  Pat your face with warm water for 30 seconds.

4. Wipe!  Tissues work fine, or you can use any soft towel. (Again, you may want to consider your laundry load when choosing methods.)  Be sure to wipe all the oil off your face because it’s full of the dirt and make-up from your day.  You may even see the residue on the tissue!

5. Moisturize as usual and enjoy soft, clear skin.

Clarifying Oil Cleanser