Keeping you healthy is important to us. Keeping the planet healthy is too!  That's why we are dedicated to sustainable practices.  We are powered by the sun, soil and honey bees!  

The energy it takes to create our skin care isn't backed by dirty oil, but by clean & efficient solar power.  

When we're finished making our products, the residual ingredients are composted into soil to help our gardens thrive.  We then take that soil to grow flowers and herbs with organic methods that we dry and use in our products.  Our bees come in handy here as they use the nectar to make beeswax and honey that are an important ingredient in our skin care.

Our sustainability practices also help save you money. Each jar you return, we will credit you $1 toward your next purchase.  This helps keep the planet & your wallet healthy!

Kara Jo Skin Care is beyond what you put on your body.  It's about bringing awareness to how we go about our daily practices. Come join us!


we care about sustainability!